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Clean, handsome lines for the touch of modern farmhouse flair in your space, great for displaying books, artwork, pictures, or use it as a chair - they are comfortable and designed to support adults.
Select one of our finished pieces, or specify the length, width, and finish you need! You can even get it unfinished and stain it yourself.

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These farmhouse decor vintage furniture pieces are hand crafted from solid wood, using wooden pegs, gently distressed, for country living, crafted from reclaimed fir. We offer a variety of finishes, including naturally aged to a deep grey tone and white-washed with a water based stain as well as an unfinished option.
The well worn look blends with your home's look - farmhouse styling is a perfect seat for indoor and outdoor use living room, porch, foyer, bedroom.
The charming knots and imperfections make each bench entirely chic, unique and very shabby!

The Classic

Cross Leg Benches

A design that feels even more traditional in some way (and harder to make, interestingly). This bench features a diagonally crossed leg, reinforced with pegs. A very nice look.

Slab Legged Bench

Rustic Slab Legged Bench

Shoe Bench

We also made a wonderful shoe bench, 48" long, 15" wide, 17-½ high, with a 32" long by 11" wide shelf running the length of the bench, offering 10" of clearance for shoes and boots.
We make our benches up to 12 feet in length and 18 inches wide and down to nine inches wide and less than three feet long (31 inches). Benches up to four feet in length can be shipped UPS Ground for an additional $68. We remove the legs and provide you with complete assembly instructions! Way easier than IKEA, and no hex wrench required, only a little carpenter's glue.

Slatted Benches

Meditation Bench

Raw Benches

Finish it yourself, have fun, get a little messy...

Recent Projects

Maple + Oak Crosses
January 30

Maple + Oak Crosses

3-½" maple and oak crosses for wall hangings, all mortised together, aged and stained!
fun fact-the oak came from a tree on our property that had fallen. I had removed the bulk, but saved some short pieces to play with.

Candle holders
January 23

Candle holders

These massive candle holders are the perfect centerpiece...

Slab benches
December 31

Slab benches

These benches are massive, and great looking - they are available in a number of colors, and really look perfect on a porch, under the spreading maple, in a hallway or at the foot of the bed...

hand crafted rustic country benches
December 31


Yes, we keep inventory! Feel free to reach out for the current stock, we can ship within a few days...


Antique Sugar Molds

The perfect candle holder

We start with a massive 4" x 6" beam. The nine hole version is 35-½ inches in length, and we cut an 11° angle in the base to give it the unique shape. The cut takes two passes through the saw to complete, since it is a more massive piece of wood than our 35 year old saw can handle in one.

We use a 60mm Forstner bit in the drill press to make the 1" deep holes. The mess was inspiration for yet another attempt to make an efficient dust collection system...

Once cut, the fun starts. we plane it by hand using three different kanna, until the surface is as glassy as we can get, then we sand the monster on all sides with 80 | 150 | 320 grits using my multi-tool, much to the annoyance of the rest of the house.
Once smooth, we stain it with the Varathane Dark Walnut, twice, with a light sanding between coats. We then finish it with clear Butcher's paste wax, applied by hand, then polished using the multi-tool again.

Slab Benches

Slab Benches

Massively Primitive

We rip a 2x10 to clean up the edges. After cutting the seat to size we then rip the two leg pieces up the center. We cut a nice angled cut out from the bottoms and then glue them back together with hidden dowels. We cut a notch from each leg to accommodate the slat, and using the same 1x, we cut the two side pieces.

Once the legs are ready, we plane, and then sand all the pieces down. If we are distressing it, we soften all the corners with the sander, hit the wood of the seat with chains, crow bars, old fashioned hammer heads, and then use a wire brush to complete the 'aging' process.

For quick antiquing, a solution of cider vinegar and steel wool gives a great, grey patina, or there are a variety of other mixes, including diluting high quality latex paint with white vinegar...

Assembly is done with waterproof carpenter's glue, then we drill holes to place dowels about three inches into the wood with gorilla glue. Once the body is dry, we add the sides using waterproof carpenter's glue and nails.
Very pretty